„I like the variety and the exciting work, as well as the high degree of job security that I enjoy at efko.“

Career stages at efko:

Apprenticeship as fruit and vegetable preserver
Shift supervisor, preserved food production
Assistant head of production
seit 2017:
Head of production

What are your daily responsibilities at efko?

As head of preserved-food and gourmet-food production, I am responsible for all production planning. In doing so, I coordinate directly with my colleagues in purchasing, sales, and logistics, as well as quality assurance. At the same time, I also handle investment planning for our equipment, and for this purpose, I spend a good deal of time interfacing with maintenance and in-house technicians. And just as importantly, employee management is a key aspect of my job: I'm currently responsible for 100 people.

What qualities are needed in a production manager?

Being serious but relaxed is very important in my job. By this I mean that it is important to meet the daily challenges seriously but also with a bit of a relaxed demeanour. Also indispensable are management expertise, technical understanding, and a healthy amount of common sense.

What is it that you particularly like about your job?

I really enjoy working with people and appreciate the way our team works together amicably. Apart from that, I think that technology in the area of food is extremely exciting. In terms of automation, there have been quite a few developments here, and it’s simply a lot of fun to work with state-of-the-art equipment.

What makes efko attractive for jobseekers?

efko is a stable, dependable employer. If you make an effort, all doors are open to you here. I experienced that personally. In addition, the company pays attention to the needs of employees.