Our onions have many layers – just like the responsibilities!

Large company – many opportunities

Our company is not only one of the largest but also one of the most multifaceted food producers in Austria. Our range of products is just as diverse as the job profiles that we offer.

Whether pickled gherkins, apple sauce, or gourmet salads, our raw ingredients are procured from carefully selected farmers, refined using state-of-the-art production equipment, and marketed throughout Austria and beyond through numerous distribution channels. Along this value-added chain, we can offer our employees exciting jobs with wide-ranging responsibilities and outstanding career opportunities.

Our job fields

Production and development

efko’s state-of-the-art refinement processes form the link between raw ingredients and quality products. Whether working with machinery directly in production, as a maintenance technician, in quality assurance, or as an innovative visionary in product development, you’ll need to have extensive technical expertise and a natural instinct for food.

Warehousing and logistics

As a large-scale producer of quality food, one of our most important tasks is getting the right goods from A to B quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. This includes both managing the internal flow of goods and supplying our customers. Therefore, our warehousing and logistics experts need to have a thorough understanding of internal processes and always be on top of things.

Administration, management, and marketing

Modern production requires a professional organisation, starting with the procurement of the best raw ingredients from our suppliers, along with the forward-thinking management of financial, personnel, IT, and legal issues, and ultimately the marketing of efko products using sophisticated sales and marketing measures. For these purposes, our organisation and management experts have the optimal setting in the modern administration building at the company’s headquarters.