„At efko, there are good opportunities for advancement for anyone looking for it.“

Career stages at efko:

Apprenticeship as office administrator
Head of finance and accounting
Granting of commercial power of attorney (Prokura)
First managing director position at a subsidiary
Managing director of the subsidiary Fischer Konserven GmbH
Managing director of efko CEE-Holding GmbH

What are your daily responsibilities at efko?

As head of finance and accounting, I’m responsible for ensuring that we always have a clear picture of our financial and economic situation, including with respect to all subsidiaries and the efko Group as a whole. Among other things, this includes preparing annual financial statements in accordance with national and international law, as well as tax returns and contracts. Another main focus are recurring audits by our outside auditors (KPMG and Raiffeisenverband) and the tax office, as well as annual internal audits.

What qualities are needed for your job?

In an executive position, social skills are at least as important as the technical ones. In general, common sense and openness to new ideas are important in order to be successful professionally.

What is it that you particularly like about your job?

In my position, you need to have a thorough understanding of the company. That also enables me to make a personal contribution on many issues and to play an active role in getting things done.

What makes efko attractive for jobseekers?

At efko, there are very good opportunities for advancement for anyone looking for it. And not just in the job you were trained for, but in other departments as well. I also find it exciting that it’s possible to work abroad for the efko Group.