Certificates, labels and accolades

  • AMA GAP Certificate 
  • AMA-Gütesiegel
  • AOP Anlagenoptimierung Certificate
  • ARA Certificate
  • Bio-Zertifikat (for some products) 
  • IFS Certificate
  • Kren g.g.A. Certificate
  • Lacon Certificate

Land creates life (Land schafft Leben charity)

"efko supports the Land schafft Leben charity as the discourse about the topics of farming and food production is being dominated too much by differing lobbies and NGOs who are to a large extent fixed in their views. We consider it to be important to bring more transparency and objectivity into the discussion surrounding food quality, sustainability and regionality. To this end the Land schafft Leben platform with Hannes Royer seems to us to be a credible and honest approach."

Klaus Hraby (efko CEO)

Sustainable climate protection

Efko is a long-standing partner of ARA and thus makes an important contribution to active climate protection. ARA ensures that the packaging of efko products is collected and recycled in an environmentally suitable manner. Overall, the separate collection and recycling of packaging waste in the ARA system generates an annual saving of around 500,000 tonnes of CO2 throughout Austria. And that has a lasting influence in order to relieve our environment.