Environmental, quality and miscellaneous management and monitoring systems

"efko united - together instead of alone": a holistic, autonomous corporate policy to implement the company’s mission statement and the sustainable growth/improvement of:
  • Employee satisfaction and health
    Apprentice academy; health passport; leadership seminars; further education programs; undertaking social corporate responsibility in cases of hardship or plight amongst our employees or their dependents; supporting external aid projects in the region etc
  • Partnerships with regional farmers
    Long-term contracts that help to sustain family run farms; a concept for sustainable vegetable farming in Eferding (Eferding high-quality region); protection of agricultural production on site through joint investment in cooperative production plants etc.
  • Resource management
    Locally sourced raw ingredients – thereby requiring shorter transport distances; energy efficiency; waste heat recovery; waste reduction program; efficient logistics; reducing the weight of packaging; composting of biological waste, etc.


Future initiatives and process improvements

  • Compulsory GRASP certification of producers (certification bodies such as LVA, Lacon, ...)
  • Eferding Humus Project (Partners: Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture, Ages, BOKU Vienna) Goal: to maintain or rather increase the humus content of the soil
  • Innovative project to develop further, modern foodstuffs from regionally grown fruit and vegetables