Positive aspects of products under cultivation or in production

Social aspects
  • The sourcing of raw goods from our own region contributes to the security of our family farming businesses.
  • Regional production secures jobs in the area.
  • The unconditional adherence to all Austrian social and labour related stipulations is ensured through stringent regular checks by the responsible authorities.
Ecological aspects
  • Thanks to raw goods from our own region, transport emissions and the use of single use packaging materials can be avoided.
  • efko produces according to integrated production standards, this means that we preferably use methods that are animal friendly and close to nature that have as low an impact as possible on the environment.
  • The farmers take part in the Austrian program for environmentally friendly farming (ÖPUL).
  • A higher level of recycling can be guaranteed by using glass packaging.
Transport and packaging
Due to the use of glass packaging the topic of transport plays an important role in the ecological assessment of our product ‒ the following measures were taken:
  • The purchase of empty Austrian containers guarantees that efko delivery lorries can be loaded with empty glasses on the return journey.
  • Our own fleet of lorries have an average age of 3.5 years and use the latest technology with especially low emission EEV motors. Moreover, efko places importance on combining transports to avoid the lorries travelling empty.
  • The entire company is supplied with steam and heat by a steam boiler system that runs on gas.
  • Several waste heat recovery apparatus from cold water, refrigeration plants… provide some of the power for heating and warm water processing.
  • We carry out our production with our own well water from several wells.
  • Offices are kept cool in summer using a ceiling cooling system and this water is then processed in the next stage to be used in the production process.
  • The cold water used for production is reused several times by passing through a circulatory system via cooling towers.
  • The industrial wastewater produced by efko is cleaned in one of our own anaerobic biological treatment plants and then indirectly directed into the biological treatment plants run by the wastewater treatment association. The biogas that results from this process is used to heat the digestion tank.