We implement sustainability instead of just talking about it.

efko is already thinking about tomorrow today. efko takes its responsibility to the environment and people as seriously today as in the past. efko’s development always carried the ideas of sustainability at its core and always takes into account people and the environment. From the sowing of the seed on the field right down to the finished product on the shop shelves, at efko ecological, social and economic considerations enjoy an equal focus.

Born out of the decision taken by far sighted farmers to achieve more, for efko the strengthening of agricultural structures has always been a priority. Ecologically sustainable farming creates the breeding ground to allow us to also conserve this legacy for future generations. Responsible measures to improve the fertility of the land, to conserve foodstuffs from the land, to foster biodiversity as well as active erosion protection will allow home grown Austrian fruit and vegetables of the highest quality to also prosper.br />
The short transport routes from the field to the production sites don’t only ensure the freshness of the product but also reduce CO2 emissions. Careful use of the resources available as well as measures to contain the consumption of energy and water along with waste reduction are at the heart of efko’s sustainability strategy. An example of this is sourcing the entire quantity of water needed for production from several of our own wells.

With a high regard for people, be they farmers, colleagues or consumers and for the environment as well as the careful use of resources, efko is making a valuable contribution to tomorrow and consequently to future generations.

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