Fresh from the field

The annual harvest of cucumbers for the popular pickled gherkins starts in June. A job that requires a lot of skill and, above all, a lot of staff. The plants are too sensitive for mechanical harvesting. The seasonal workers lie on the so-called Gurkerlflieger and harvest the vegetables by hand.

Around 6,900 tons of cucumbers are harvested on an area of 100 hectares in the local fields in the Eferding Basin. Then the fresh field crops are put into the glass as quickly as possible.

A major challenge when processing pickling cucumbers is that it is not possible to store the fresh cucumber. All jars must be filled during the harvest period, which only lasts a few weeks. The pickles are washed, sorted and weighed.
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Unsere Gurkenspezialitäten

Knackig, klein und mit einem Happen im Mund. Kein Wunder, dass unsere feinen, kleinen Gurken so beliebt sind. Ob kräuterig-würzig, balsamico-mild oder mit klassisch-feinem Aufguss, da ist für jeden was dabei!

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Carefully processed

For the perfect snack: crunchy gherkins, small gourmet gherkins, sour pickled gherkins, traditional gherkins in piccalilli and many more – a pure pleasure for lovers of pickled vegetables.

Best quality from the field to the glass.

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Recipe ideas

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